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I Design Websites That Build Credibility and Get Results

Here at Foxtail Tech, I use a structured website design process that is rooted in strategy. I am able to create captivating online presences for your business because I put in the work to understand your brand at the core, help you define your website goals, and deep dive into your target audience. 

Let your website do the selling for you using custom website strategy.

Increase sales and bookings with a user-focused experience.

Get more eyes on your work with premium SEO.

Here's What I Do

Bespoke, Strategic Websites

Showit + Squarespace Websites

In today's climate, having a business website has never been more important. Foxtail Tech specializes in crafting beautiful, strategic, and results driven Showit and Squarespace websites. I not only help you create an online presence, but also put you on the path to see real improvements in your viewer's trust and conversion rate. 

Shopify Websites

E-commerce websites and online stores are steadily gaining popularity, and are continually becoming more and more vital to the survival of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Foxtail Tech creates powerful, reliable, and visually appealing Shopify websites that will help your business thrive. I have experience helping businesses in many different industries add effective online stores to their marketing toolboxes. 

Meet Your Designer

Hi, I'm Rosa 

A software developer turned Showit obsessed website designer. 

Web Design and I have a relationship that is straight out of a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy. I skated around the truth of my passion for designing websites for nearly a decade, before realizing it was what I should have been doing from the start.

I started freelancing in 2019, and have had the joy of building customized online presences for so many amazing businesses... 

If you want great tech and pretty design, Rosa is your gal.

I'm SO HAPPY I found Rosa to help me redesign my website... I immensely appreciate Rosa's approach to website strategy and how she digs into that before the design even begins. She is also so good at thoroughly explaining things like SEO, hosting options, and different website platforms which made me feel real good about making decisions and prioritizing what is most important for MY website. Plus, she is a beautiful designer aesthetically.

- Sydney Ludden


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Want To Know More?

Websites don't have to be scary! The unknown is always more terrifying than it has any right to be, but I am here to hold your hand through your learning process. It is my goal to make technology an approachable topic for anyone and everyone, by taking away the mystery and leaving you with just the cold, hard facts. 

5 Things Your Showit Website Needs to Succeed

Learn to create successful Showit website designs using website strategy, optimized Showit SEO, and simple brand building exercises. Guided by Rosa from Foxtail Tech. 

Website Strategy: The Roadmap to A Profitable Showit or Shopify Website

Craft profitable website strategies for Shopify and Showit platforms. Learn the process Foxtail Tech uses to create effective website designs and user experiences.

Now I don't have to work as hard booking my ideal client!

As far as the internet being my main source of booking clients I knew I needed some sort of update on my website and it to be more clean and put together. I really feel like you mainstreamed it and made it have this cozy inviting feel all while being professional and really showing me as a person and business owner. I didn't want it to feel like a regular old website with plain branding. You really nailed everything on the head and I couldn't be more happy! FOREVER grateful for you!

- Presley Gray